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It Was A Good Cause

You might remember (I Ain’t Gonna Play) Sun City, the indignantly parenthese’ed anti-Apartheid song written by Miami Steve and sung by just about everyone except Queen, but you don’t remember the video. If you don’t have the patience for the whole thing, just skip to 3:05.

Trust me: go to 3:05.


  1. Bonnie Raitt was smokin’ hot, but Daryl Hall and Lou Reed? Classic.

  2. Of all the “rockers getting together to raise money or awareness for a cause” songs, this is the only one that has any musical merit. Miles Davis, Afrika Bambaata, Run-DMC, Ruben Blades, Public Enemy. Little Stevie? All totally on-point.

    • Correction — I just watched it again for the first time in a hundred years, and it seems my memory of Chuck D and Flavor Flav may have been wrong. Also, I had forgotten that Bono does his best to ruin the thing.

  3. The Fat Boys wandering around in the background makes this perfect.

  4. Some injustice remains.

  5. No need to go to 3:05. The whole thing spot on!

  6. yes yes < had forgot bout this one but
    the real oppression is Bobby D not gettin more vocal tracks . . . let Dylan sing < let Dylan sing < let Dylan sing

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