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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

It Was The Best Of Festival Seasons, It Was The Worst Of Festival Seasons

When you think Rock & Roll, you think American Family Insurance.


Holy shit, The Moody Blues? How many original Moodies are left? Two?


I don’t know how I feel about Flint Eastwood or Pokey LaFarge.


Holy shit, Berlin? Wait, why is it Berlin feat. Teri Nunn? She was the lead singer of Berlin. That’s like saying The Kinks feat. Ray Davies. I’m guessing Teri’s a pain-in-the-ass and demanded that billing; the rest of the band just wants to get paid. I bet they hate her ass.


Chicano Batman is cool.

Good music to drink Miller High Lifes in a cheap beach chair to. Set that puppy up in the kid’s wading pool. Maybe a couple of those pills the doctor gave you last time you threw out your back. Think about the neighbor’s wife. Good day, good day.


Holy shit, Steve Miller. I hope his whole set is an hour of him yelling at FoTotD David Browne again. (Go buy David’s great book, So Many Roads.)


Holy shit, Soul Asylum. I wonder if Dave Pirner still has his hair.



Okay, I think I get it: there’s an Old Guy Day, right? Peter Frampton and Toto and holy shit Tommy Tutone? Because I am the demographic for that program, and I would beg, borrow, and steal not to have to attend. I would give you at least $25 not to have to sit through Slaughter. $40 for House of Pain.

On the other hand, I would almost certainly have my fist in the air when the Speedwagon started rolling through them changes.

The singer’s name is Gary, right? He looks like Handsome Geddy Lee.

I would also like to see Huey Lewis & The News, and would sing along with all of their songs.


Joss Stone fucks for tracks.


  1. Pokey is good fun.

  2. Daaa-aaa-aaad, I need to borrow the Time Sheath.

    “What, again?”

    I really need to go back to the time before I clicked ‘Play” on that REO Speedwagon video. I’m afraid it’s going to stunt my growth.

    “There’s nothing to fear, son. I was a fan, back in the day, even saw them once, when I was living in Des Moines. That was real rock’n’roll, let me tell you. And I turned out fine.”

    “What’s that look for?”

    I’m thinking that you should use it to go back to a time before Des Moines…

  3. wow. former lead singer of Styx, Dennis DeYoung … there got to be a good joke in there somewhere !!!

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