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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

It’s A Man’s World

betty marmaduke

Betty Cantor did not complain about mansplaining, nor did she ever attach “-shaming” to the end of a noun. She declared nothing problematic; she was uninterested in intersectionality. When a wayward hand found its way to her ass, she removed it and went about her work.

Betty was One of the Guys.

Until she wasn’t, and they threw her away.


  1. They threw her away? I had no idea. Seems there must be alot that has been left out of all the band and band member biographies.

  2. Yup, sad but true, she ….how shall I say it…. Was with Brent mydland,
    And after naturally that didn’t quite work out became Brent’s ex old lady in the eyes of people. Also she grew up with brothers and could put up with the bizarre 70’s hazing rituals that were common for some reason.
    Sigh. I personally cannot believe and at the same time am immensely grateful for the quality of sound she achieved with a nagra iv.

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