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It’s Already Happened Here

The world ends not with a whimper, nor with a bang, but with a mispronounced German slur shouted by a yokel over a Backstreet Boy song.

Lügenpresse, it will not shock you to learn, is a German word: it has an umlaut, and umlaut itself is a German word, which means lügenpresse is a German word containing another German word. It’s like a Russian nesting doll, but German. It means “lying press,” denotatively. The connotation is a whole ‘nother thing, you’ve probably guessed.

Maybe the guy in the hat was raised in a German-speaking household, and was innocently sharing some of his culture with his new friend. Perhaps the two men are fans of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and their cautious progressivism. Could be they recognized one of the reporters from De Bild and wanted the reporter to know what they thought of him, even if he didn’t speak English.

Lot of reasons come to mind.

I’m overreacting. Blowing things out of proportion, like I tend to. This is America.


So’s this. Forty-Ninth and Eighth, to be exact. (This is the old Madison Square Garden, which was a mile-and-a-half north of the current one.) 2/20/39: terrible show. Sold out, and though George Washington is on the poster, a man named Fritz Kuhn was at the podium; he was the leader of the American Nazi Party. Nazis sold out the Garden, which was on Forty-Ninth and Eighth, which is in New York City, which is in America.

They had a blast that night, the Nazis, doing Nazi things and saying Nazi stuff. It was a fun night out, at least until it was time to go home. Men were waiting by the exits. Men who do not exist any more in any form, men with no foreskins and broken noses, men with names like Abe “Kid Twist” Reles and Longy Zwillman and Jacob “Gurrah” Shapiro and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter were waiting at the exits. That’s my favorite part of the story, but to linger on it too long is to forget that a couple dozen Jews is less than fifteen thousand Nazis. Sold out the Garden.

To check if there’s gas in the mine, you ask a canary.


  1. That is messed up, there is some film footage as well.

  2. Open Nazi Bund rallies in several states while Japanese Americans put in camps.

    Post racial? I think not, ghost of Scalia.

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