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It’s The Same Old Song



“Yes, Mr. Gordy?”

“We need a new song for Martha and the Vandellas.”

“For when. sir?”

“They’re in the lobby.”

“Aw, sir. Can’t you give me a little warning?”

“Not how we do things at Motown. So: we got nothing?”



“Tell ’em to re-record Heat Wave, but come up with some new lyrics.”

“On it. sir. How’s being married to Diana Ross?”

“That woman is a pain-in-the-ass.”

“Yes, sir.”


  1. I actually thought that it was a rewrite of the 4 Tops previous hit, “I Can’t Help Myself,” but the concept is the same either way.

    Berry Gordy never gave any credit to the Motown session men (and Bobbie Humphreys, who warn’t a man) because he knew he would then have to pay them more. You can criticize the Laurel Canyon crowd (CSNY, Joni, etc) for many things, but they gave credit to everyone who played on their records. And yes, they then had to pay them more, but there was money to go around.

  2. it is more of a ‘heat wave – pt. 2’.


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