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It’s The Same Poster, The Crow Told Me

deadandco poster folsom

“We need a poster for the Colorado shows, and we’d like you to do it.”

“Oh, man: that’s great. I am so excited. I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t. Got any ideas?”

“A crow.”

“Doing what?”

“Just kinda hanging out.”


“And a lot of blorange.”

“is that blue and orange?”

“It was blue and orange. Now it’s blorange.”

“Awesome. Oh, there’s two shows, so we’ll need two posters.”

“I’m just gonna make one, twice.”

“Wow. Your uncle recommended you so highly, and I think he might have been underselling you.”

“It’s nice being a Lee.”

“All right, Artistic, get to work.”


  1. I like the crows, Rick Griffin?

  2. nice cawl

  3. Is this what ewe cawl funny?

  4. I have to go now before ToTD banishes me to a chat room for tonite’s concert.

  5. Have we met the most diligent and dogged member of the family yet, Tenacious Lee?

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