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I’ve Been Thrown Out Of Better Dumps Than This

Commentator and young lady who should be in bed by now Swaggie Maggie tried to send in this, but failed due to her constant inattention in class and looking at boys and playing that game with the folded up paper that looks like a duck’s bill and tells you your future.

IMG_1697In the Dead’s defense, they were in Boston: lobster. (Or, as it’s pronounced: lawbstuh.)

For the prosecution: you can get lobster anywhere in Boston. McDonald’s used to do a lobster roll. Until 1983, Bostonians assembled in the Commons every May 22nd to throw them at one another. Lots of people lost eyes, but that’s the price you paid for tradition. (Of course, “a little violence is worth it for tradition” was what led to riots when the schools were integrated, but what are you gonna do?)

Seriously: it’s like the Dead spent every waking moment asking themselves, “What’s the Grateful Deadest thing to do here?” Starting a fire on the fire escape will always be the Grateful Dead thing to do.


  1. OH MY GOD


    also it’s 9:50 here brUh I’m not going to bed till… 10:00, because it’s been a long first day of summer.

    Also: ever seen the episode of South Park “Marjorine”? If you haven’t, look it up and you’ll understand why I’ve mentioned it.

    • Does that episode title reference to Nirvana parody that Homer writers when he’s a grunge musician? Because if so the Simpsons did it.

      • I don’t believe so. It’s because one of the characters whose name is “Butters” fakes his own death and comes back as “Marjorine” in order to get himself invited to a classmate’s sleepover party so he can steal one of those “fortune telling devices.” The boys are, unsurprisingly, intrigued by the *mystery* of the girls’ interests and behaviors, as boys have been for centuries. Also: there is a SP episode titled “Simpsons Already Did It.”


    I made this because my sister said that she thinks Bobby looks like a dolphin

  3. No context, just wanted to share 😉

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