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Jean Genie

phil back stealie jacketMy friend Ricky Gross from high school had a Dead jean jacket, and on the back was a full-color, hand-painted, bug-eyed Skeleton Man Playing Violin.

Why was Ricky Gross’ Dead jean jacket better than an actual Grateful Dead’s Dead jean jacket?

(Ricky Gross was also notable for being The Kid That Masturbated In Class That One Time and The First One From Our Class To Die (MGD, Nissan.).)


  1. Yea, Ricky Gross’ dad’s jacket sounds way radder than Phil’s.

  2. “Better” is an interesting concept when considering jean jackets.

  3. could you contact the mother of ricky gross and after making the proper noises about how sad his loss is/was, ask her about that jacket? or at least about getting a picture of it?

  4. Fucking kids masturbating in class. Flashbacks to 8th grade when kids played short, barely noticeable snippets from porn on full blast in the middle of class when we had a substitute.

  5. what’s an MGD? i had an MGB.

  6. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    September 16, 2015 at 9:07 am

    was it in Geography? Australian Sheep Stations are hot, make anyone rattle off a batch.

    RIP Ricky

  7. Phil and Chris Robinson tonight at Central Park, 5:00 PM start.

    I work till 7 but will be searching for a stream, that combination is to my ears a pleasing one.

  8. It wuz better ‘cuz he wasn’t yer grampa’s age, man.

  9. Like my patch better than Phil’s patch. Embroidered it senior year in high school. Never finished the pot leafs, the harp is unstrung. The only thing i still possess from 41 years ago.


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