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Jeff Chimenti Gets Out The Youth Vote

This is the worst Make-A-Wish visit I’ve ever seen.

“They won’t send us kids any more. There were incidents.”

Sure. What is this?

“I’m being polite.”

You shouldn’t be.

“They gave me free tee-shirts.”

What is it with the Grateful Dead and free tee-shirts?

“Dude, that’s not a Dead thing. That’s a human thing. Ever see the crowd go nuts when the tee-shirt cannon comes out?”

You should get one. You could set it off during your big solo in Friend of the Devil. Tinkley-dinkley-FLOOMP-tinkle-dinkle.

“Pretty sure Billy would steal it and start shooting dicks from point-blank range.”

True. You should get a neck tattoo.

“If I had to have a neck tattoo, I would just as soon not have a neck.”

Just your head sitting on top of your shoulders, and you could only look left or right by swiveling your entire body like when Michael Keaton was Batman?

“Just like that, yeah.”

Sure. Give that guy some soup.

“He does look a bit anemic.”

Give him some soup and play him some Liszt.


  1. ritchie vanian

    March 3, 2018 at 1:45 am

    that fucker on the left is benjamin button

  2. Looks like Fenway. Don’t let those mf’ers represent Boston!

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