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Jeri And Jimmy

IMG_1699Honestly, the least interesting thing about this picture is Garcia and Jimi: I’d like to know more about Lady Leo DiCaprio back there. Also: Billy Connolly apparently has access to the Time Sheath technology.


  1. Not to be dense, but where’s Jerry. The guy to the left of the guy in the brown jacket? I’m not being snarky–why do we think it’s Jerry, other than hoping it is.

    That looks very much like Albert Grossman on the lower right (silver hair, glasses), manager of Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin

    • I think it’s Garcia, but also looked at the picture knowing that was supposed to be him, so: a bit biased.

      They did meet briefly at Monterey – Bob and him jammed (supposedly) and there’s some stuff in McNally’s book about it, if I recall (You would know better.)

      Aside from that: that is Garcia’s hair, but every semi-ethnic dude had that hair in 1967. The nose and the posture also make me think it’s him, but: if you’ll look at any of the other pix of him from that day, he is wearing that sweater.

      I’m inclined to think it’s him, but who knows?

  2. Robin Russell

    June 20, 2015 at 1:28 am

    Rosie McGee, who is a reliable source, reckons Bob Weir and Jimi Hendrix jammed in the Guild tent.

    I agree, it looks like Jerry Garcia, and it does look like Mike Bloomfield to his right. The grey hair could be Grossman, but we know for sure that Peter Rowan has access to the Time Sheath Technology.

  3. I think that’s a stealth-time John Mayer in the glasses on Garcia’s right.

  4. Rob Hernandez

    June 20, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Lol, yes by all means find out who she is. Don’t forget that’s Mike Bloomfield’s back tween Jer & Jimi.

  5. Ok, then. SO, that’s not him in white jeans and cowboy boots?

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