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Jerome John Garcia, 1942

jerry baby mom dad

Holy shit: Garcia was born in the past. This shit is the past right here. There was a cholera outbreak ten feet out of frame; everything is made out of wood and prejudice. Men’s hair doesn’t even do that anymore, the wavy thing: hair just doesn’t grow like that now. (Probably the antibiotics in the feed chain.)

But they’re not old, are they? The Garcias: in this picture, they’re at least ten years younger than I am now. People in the past were more grown-up than today; if they weren’t they would die. Life was tougher. At the moment this picture was taken, literally the entire world was at war. Always remember: the past was terrible.

That city they’re standing in? just 36 years before, it had shaken and burned. (Now, sure: San Francisco will be destroyed any day now, but we have the innertubes; those of us not in San Francisco when the Big One happens will be able to keep updated on the carnage; that is much better, at least for us. For the people in the city, it will be the exact same experience as 1906.)

Also: Garcia is about to get Lion Kinged.


  1. Crandall Geary

    May 19, 2016 at 1:26 am

    Jarnow used ‘choogle’ in a pitchfork article. By the transitive property you’re now a pitchfork reviewer. When will this become ToNMH?

    • Jarnow’s description of the album is pretty close to what I’ve heard of it so far. I’ll give it a complete listen. I’m still partial to the old Deadicated and Fire on the Mountain tributes, though. That Jane’s Ripple is a classic.

  2. Lion King, Schmion King..

    I associated that hold the child up to creation thingy as Kunta Kinte in roots.

    The chain of appropriation of this ritual or perhaps simple made up shit might be long.
    Was/is this an African thing? Did Africans appropriate Lion Culture? Did Disney appropriate African Culture? Did Alex Haley make it all up after making up Malcolm X?

    So confused. Need some research.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    May 19, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    that’s a nice corsage Mrs. Garcia’s sporting. Mr. Garcia (pater) likes a tight watch chain. bet Jer’s socks are handmade, not store bought.

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