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Jerry Curl

jerry red shirt no beard wolf

Garcia had fewer chins than a phonebook from anti-Chinatown. Or an anti-phonebook from Chinatown. Whichever you can wrap your head around easier.

Also: the fro-and-muttonchops look didn’t work in the Teen Titans, and it doesn’t work here.



  1. Yeah, Jerry’s chin deficiency… like his beard is… chin… a beard. To be fair, almost nobody except for Mojo Nixon and Lemmy should wear mutton chops. Have I explained how much I love Mojo Nixon? Go rent the movie Butt Crack.

    Goatee Jerry is even stranger. I like to pretend he’s playing in Larry David and the Hipsters.

  2. Neil Young pulled off The Chops (w/Special Sauce?) thing pretty well.

    Garcia? Not so much.

    I’m watching a full length Zappa Plays Zappa show today. The most famous ‘stache, ever. His Dad, I mean. Funny how many Dead listeners are also Zappa listeners, huh?

  3. David Lindley’s “Chops Of Mutton” are pretty swell, too.

  4. That’s Garcia, doing his Kadlecik imitation.

    Also- is that a Phish t-shirt?

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