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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Jerry, Lee(on)


So, there’s Doug Sahm singing on the left; all the way in back with the Strat is Leon Russell, and there’s our man Reddy Kilowatt standing behind the drummer because otherwise he would be able to hear the bass drum. I wanna say Buddy Cage is on drums, but I’m guessing, and also Buddy Cage might be black, but I also could be thinking about Buddy Miles. (I know Buddy Holly was white and Buddy Guy is black, but besides those two I cannot tell one Buddy from another.) You know the shaggy fellow on the pedal steel.

The violinists are Abigail and Zachariah Mumphree, twin virtuosos from Galveston who need to be separated lest they start fencing with their bows again.


  1. I believe Leon had a daughter named Sugaree so I juss knew there was a connection with that McNichols Arena show besides Buddy of course …

  2. I looked into it. The fiddlers were Mary Egan (from House band Greezy Wheels) and Benny Thurman (RIP 2008, formerly the bassist of 13th Floor Elevators). The drummer was Jerry Barnett (who may have been in Greezy Wheels also, not sure).

  3. Buddy Cage was white and also a pedal steel player not a drummer

  4. That’s Jim Finney on drums

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