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Jesus Haldeman Christ, Did This Solipsistic Jackdick Write Another Housekeeping Post?

  1. Yes, he did.
  2. Bet you didn’t know that the “H” in “Jesus H. Christ” stood for “H.R. Haldeman.”
  3. Stay on target, stay on target.
  4. The Comment Section is open for business and images, videos, GIFs, and whatnot can now be posted there easily.
  5. Some have noticed that the images are too small; I have two thoughts on that.
  6. (I am not counting “Oh my God, you fucking picky entitled Deadhead whiners, stop whining,” as a thought. That is because I love you, and would never say that out loud, just in parentheses.)
  7. On my screens (Firefox browser on laptop, and the WordPress app on iPhone), the images are not small, so it might be your browser or your computer’s settings.
  8. Second: as I am now a feared and respected LEET HAXXOR, I took a look in the code to try to fix the image-size problem.
  9. Did you know you can tell a computer to do things in many languages?
  10. And, like actual languages, computer languages vary in difficulty.
  11. The best metaphor I can think of is this: the code I successfully changed a word and number in was written in Spanish, and the code for the comment image plug-in is written in Hindi.
  12. Couldn’t make heads or tails of it, if I’m honest: the only thing I know how to do is fuck around, but I couldn’t even tell where the fuckery should take place, so I didn’t touch anything.
  13. I didn’t think of this, but the indispensable Deadheadland reminded me on Twitter: some of the sidebar might not show up if you’re using AdBlock.
  14. Now: your computer is your computer, but if you do choose to turn it off for this site, I can at least promise there won’t be any pop-ups or trackers or hot singles in your area who just want to fuck.
  15. (I mean: there may very well be hot singles in your area who just want to fuck, but you’re not going to find them here.)
  16. Also updated the e-mail notification, so if you haven’t been getting them, then sign up again.
  17. I’ll probably only make you re-subscribe to that sucker four or five more times.
  18. You can get it fast, cheap, or done well.
  19. Or, you know: I can do it.
  20. Sincerely, I hope this hasn’t been too annoying: a little change is a good thing, but some things need to stay the way they are.
  21. I worry about my subjects.
  22. I worry about everything.
  23. [embedyt][/embedyt]




  2. Site looks great, i still can’t figure out the coffee maker….

  3. Way to go ToTD..

    You can ignore this if you want, really it is all good enough for me, but if you continue to meddle here might be some useful thoughts..

    MeThinks that the image thing is not the CSS, although that was a good try you code chaser you.

    Have you tried… the GUI? I know a L33t HaXX0R prefers editing the code,

    but perhaps

    Settings>Comment Image

    Thumbnail width might currently be set to 150px, see picture linked below.

    200 or 240 might be what the demanding, obsessive, white privileged, male privileged, fart raping members of the comment section would need to be quiet.

    Other Approach

    If you do want to edit some code.. and if this is still how things work.

    This would allow someone fancy like MrCompletely, or Spencer to put in something like.. commas would be angle brackets
    (img src=’cool_image_I_stole.jpg)

    The image would render at whatever size it naturally is, unless limited by the container div or span or iframe or whatever it is in. I think.. it could be a disaster but it might scale appropriately.

    Open wp-includes/kses.php
    Locate the following line:

    $allowedtags = array (‘a’ => array (‘href’ => array (), ‘title’ => array ()), ‘abbr’ => array (‘title’ => array ()), ‘acronym’ => array (‘title’ => array ()), ‘b’ => array (), ‘blockquote’ => array (‘cite’ => array ()),

    Change that line to read like so:

    $allowedtags = array (‘a’ => array (‘href’ => array (), ‘title’ => array ()), ‘abbr’ => array (‘title’ => array ()), ‘acronym’ => array (‘title’ => array ()), ‘b’ => array (), ‘blockquote’ => array (‘cite’ => array ()), ‘img’ => array (‘alt’ => array (), ‘align’ => array (), ‘border’ => array (), ‘height’ => array (), ‘hspace’ => array (), ‘longdesc’ => array (), ‘vspace’ => array (), ‘src’ => array ()),


  4. Mike & Gloria Gonna Be My Name

    February 25, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    TotD soloing continuously. spencer posting pics like the McCoy Tyner left hand of funny. I am now wholly satisfied with this site.

    (Pssst. Let it be known, there is a button….)

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    February 26, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    “let’s pray first”

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