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Joint Press Conference

jerry joint press coference

I guess this is the question of the day, isn’t it? You know he’s got another joint on him. And if he’s out, the person next to him has one. (For a Grateful Dead, it is close to a mathematical certainty that you are standing next to someone with weed.) Look at that itty-bitty thing: it’s more paper and spit than doobie at this point. Why, Garcia?

Also: coal miners’ hands don’t get that dirty.

Also also: is this honestly a press conference? The line of plastic cups of water and the seating arrangement suggest it is. If so, then a rare demerit for Garcia: TotD frowns upon performative doobies. There’s just something so Rebellious™ about it.


  1. and just how would you know about all these drug paraphernalia terms mister????????? because, you know, weed is ILLEGAL, and drugs are bad???????

  2. It’s why we all love Jerry & the other Grateful Deads.

  3. In two of the last four Garcia pics, he’s got a joint in one hand and a cig in the other.

    And here.

    Smoke will never again be such an integral part of the American rock and roll diet.

  4. The Special Diet

  5. I am listening to september-28-1975,

    I guess a baby was born there, I have seen folks making babies at dead shows, but never anyone having a baby.

  6. The Prince is dead, long live the Prince…..

  7. Jerry is giving that roach a Viking funeral.

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