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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Josh Meyers, SAG/AFTRA

[PDF] John Mayer and Bob Weir of

“Let me play you in the TV show.”

“Can we talk about this later, Josh?”

“Now is good. I can do two things at once.”

“You can’t play me.”


“I don’t have a butt-chin, Josh, I have a beard.”

“But young you didn’t.”

“No, no. I’ve always had a beard; it’s just sometimes I used to shave it off.”

“Bob, think about it: we’re both tall and handsome.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Great hair.”


“Plus, I can actually play guitar.”

“You’ve been soloing for months now.”

“And you know I’ve been taking acting lessons.”

“Well, yeah: everyone knows. I’ve been meaning to say this: you gotta stop making Oteil run lines with you. I think it makes him uncomfortable. Or at least stop doing scenes from Fences.”

“It’s an American classic!”

“Sure, but you really get into character and sometimes there’s a bit of line-straddling that I’m not sure you’re aware of. Plus you step all over his lines.”

“Just between you and me, Bob: Oteil’s not much of an actor.”

“That’s because he’s a bass player.”

“Notwithstanding. Just asking for some commitment to the craft.”

“Right, sure. Josh, you can’t be in the show.”



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