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Just A Chat

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Second set is under way; that’s what it looks like thanks to valued commentator Ste4ve (pronounced StuhFORvuh) and as always, no one is permitted in a chat room, even if they use the following aliases:

  • Gratefuldad68.
  • Phil Is My Co-Pilot.
  • Chimenti_Fondler.
  • Driving That Train.
  • High On Cocaine.
  • funkyrabbi.
  • YOgaBOygEOrgIA.
  • betterw33dthenyu.
  • Help>Slip>Frank Stamatoploulas.
  • 420potheadweeddrugsbongbongbong.
  • Dr. Seuss’ Scrotum.
  • Meryl_Shakedown_Streep.

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