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Just A Kiss Away

Okay, so: this Jooble Jabbles person?

Friend of the blog and respected journalist and writer Jesse Jarnow?

Sure, fine. Well, he tweeted something about KISS and how Ace had met Garcia or some other patent hoo-ha, so I dug Ace Frehley’s book, No Regrets, out and sure enough:

There’s another paragraph or so to it, but it doesn’t get any more interesting: Ace passes out and wakes up locked in the venue at four in the morning, which is the part of the story that sounds true, as opposed to the Garcia part, which is plausible at best.

Fun fact: Ace’s book, No Regrets, has two collaborators listed because Ace almost certainly called one of them a kike too many times.

Why did you start this by attacking people?

Because I am now re-reading Ace’s book.

No Regrets?

Yes, No Regrets.

Y’see: a book’s title is italicized, so when you say it–

Answer the question.

Sure: so, I’m re-reading Ace’s book and casting a longing eye across the room at Paul Stanley’s book.

Oh, fuck.

Also: I have been listening to this song over and over for a half hour:

This is bad. Last time you started in on KISS, you subjected everyone to your conspiracy theories about Peter Criss.

Peter Criss obviously caused 9/11. I don’t understand why you won’t watch the YouTube video I made about it.

No one wants another KISS-a-thon.

Wait. This is 2000 Man.

Yeah. One of Ace’s best songs.

No. One of the Stones’ worst.


This is a Jagger/Richards. From the Brian Jones years.

Fuck Brian Jones.

Sure. But still: Stones tune. Not a KISS song. You want to take a vacation from the Dead, you want Mick and Keith and Charlie and their employees.

Never wrote about the Stones.


Love me some motherfuckin’ Rolling Stones.

There’s your weekend, then. Just no KISS.



  1. køöł bêåñś, grāńdpä

  2. Tell me that this song doesn’t have “The Other One” somewhere in its genetic, er, make-up. A skilled masher-upper could do something with those two songs:

  3. This post makes me happy. Thanks for that.

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