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Just A Note

If you’re enjoying the Little Aleppo nonsense, then hit up the Donate Button.

If not, not.


  1. I read everyday so happy to throw a small, almost symbolic, donation.

    I don’t read LA however. I missed some at the beginning and since I get the feeling it is really a serial novel I am waiting for the complete book.

    You are going to do that right?

  2. Sent you $30, that should help get you to the Atlanta show ;-).

    On the Aleppo posts, I find those are more like real reading, while the rest of the posts are comic relief from a bad news world.

    So I have not read like the last 5 of them, I am saving them up. When I can sit down and read a few in a row and pay attention I will.

    Keep it up.

  3. For me LA has become far the best part of these posts. Let’s face it – the members of the GD are fundamentally boring these days. I love the links posted recently – go couch tour! – and I’m even seeing the band this week, but most of the stuff about their personal lives doesn’t do it for me anymore. LA on the other hand has taken on a wonderful life of its own, so those are the posts I look forward to. (yes, and the ones for the couch tour!) I feel like John & Tor in terms of savoring them, just like Dickens’ serials. Donation made…

  4. I’m in. As noted elsewhere, my best morning train commutes are the ones where I get to pass the time in Little Aleppo.

    And I will get the book too, when that time comes!

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