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Just Another Pretty Face

jerry marin red shirt derp

Garcia is making some sort of noise here, a true sound, an utterance from the gut. The rock star version of glossolalia. But what precise sound is Garcia making?

TotD narrows it down:

  • Tweeb?
  • Dipdipdipdipdipdipdipdip.
  • That’s it, actually. It’s one of those two.


  1. Cousin Larry!

  2. I was at this show in Des Moines ’73, and I can tell ya that maybe that big smile on Jerry’s face might have something to do with the fact that his sweatshirt from “Marillac Academy” comes from an all girls high school.

  3. Des Moines ’74. There’s a Road Trips with some of the show on it. Kirk West has a fine picture of the WoS from this show on his site.

    • Yep, it was very chilly and looked like rain before the show, that’s why there was a wardrobe change after the first set. Sun come out and everyone enjoyed that three set monster afternoon. Wish there was a release of the whole show.

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