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We continue our interrupted stroll through the MoMTDA to take in a small and sadly neglected exhibit called Why Would You Draw Vince?


  1. Like most everything Grateful Dead, I’m conflicted about Vince. His piano during that Phil and Friends show in ’94 is really nice; I think he might’ve sounded much better in the Dead if they let him play a real organ (hey Beavis…) instead of that plinky whateversynththatwas.

    I actually met the guy once, about a year before he died. He’d driven himself to Arizona in a Lincoln Mark XVMXLMI for a handful of shows. Seemed genuinely happy to be there but oddly, allowed himself to be carried from his piano and out of the bar by a couple big dudes.

  2. Also, they made Bobby look like Steve Fucking Miller.

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