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Just Like Frankenstein

Wanna laugh? Go listen to Ramble On Rose from the famous RFK show in 1973. Gentlemen, I know it’s impossible to always be playing the same song, but can we not at least play in the same key?

P.S. Wanna keep laughing? Keep playing the show until you get to Box of Rain, where you will learn that no one informed Phil’s larynx about the whole “perfect pitch” thing.

P.P.S And then, of course, keep listening to the way they take Stella Blue from train wreck to utter, tear-inducing revelation in less than two verses until, for the first time in the show, they’re in the groove and Garcia’s all, “I’m gonna fuck shit up now, fuck it up so very hard.” AND HE DOES. (The previous two sentences are to be known as Exhibit A in the case of Why Hasn’t UCSC Called Yet?

P.P.P.S Go listen to Billy on He’s Gone. Go back and listen to that man RIGHT NOW or we can’t be friends anymore. The only explanation for Billy’s prowess is that on days off, he secretly roamed the countryside cutting the heads off of other drummers and absorbing their skills through the Quickening.

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  1. I love “Box of Rain.” I really do. The whole song-for-the-dying-parent thing; I can totally relate. Hunter lyrics at their incomprehensible finest. But Jesus H. Christ on a rubber crutch resting on his porch swing, what sort of drugs were those people famously screaming “LET PHIL SING!” actually doing? (Possibly supplied to them by this reviewer: “Nice Box of Rain, Good harmonies between Phil and Donna, song has a nice bounce to it”) Yeah, Phil sounds great: In and out of tune like a moth before a flame. I have yet to find the live version that doesn’t send me fleeing back to American Beauty.

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