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Just Like Tom Snyder's Blues


“Now, now, now: Jerry. Mr. Garcia. May I call you Jerry?”

“Ah, Jerry’s cool, Tom.”

“I would actually appreciate Mr. Snyder. HAW HAW HAW HAW. Now, now…tell us and tell the viewers what we’re watching here.”

“Well, this seems to be one of our drummer Billy’s home movies and if I’m right–”

“Holy cats and kittens, what is going on here?”

“–he’s about to, yeah: this is the part that got him declared persona non grata in, like, 50 countries.”

“Well, that…that is something. I’ve noticed your little buddy doesn’t understand how mugs work.”

“I’ll add that to the list.”



  1. I always liked Dan Ackroyd’s spot on impersonation of Snyder.
    Both funny and creepy at the same time.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I refused to watch the SNL 40 show. And I’m glad I didn’t. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to have Jim Belushi as a Blues Brother? All guilty parties should be dragged into a courtyard and shot- along with John Goodman just for good measure (due to the fact that he was in that awful film Blues Brothers 2000).

  2. I remember watching this show—
    Garcia related how ominous the afternoon of Altamont was heading in–
    ‘….the air was full of all this particulate matter…’
    and at one point Tom Snyder said
    ‘We’re going to cut to a commercial so Bob Weir can blow his nose’.

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