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Just One More Bite

7e56dc93-98e6-3a18-b1a3-18ea9c6e35a8“Did you tell everyone these were gonna be our last shows?”

“They are, Bobby. This is it.”

“You didn’t hear about the Maryland thing?”

“What Maryland thing?”

“I dunno, man. They’re making a movie, or having a festival, or…it’s something. But there are checks.”

“There are checks?”

“Big ones.”

“How big?”

“You couldn’t cash them at the liquor store.”

“I do love crab cakes.”

“And checks.”

“Bobby, as God is my witness: I love nothing more than a large check made out to me. No, wait: large check made out to cash.”

“Right. So, we gotta backtrack on that ‘last show’ thing.”

“Just tell everyone I was drunk when I said it.”

“You were drunk when you said it.”

“Oh, so the story should be easy to remember. Get out there and control this damage, Bobbarino.”


  1. The Grateful Deads are probably gonna make more from that fancy-pants tailgate than they did from the gate at their last show at Soldier Field. There is no way their phones aren’t lighting up with offers of more shows this summer.

  2. If you didn’t see this coming you were blind. Or “touched”, perhaps. Expect to see more of these “surprise” gigs as the spring unfolds. As a nine fingered guitar player once said, ” Sell out?…Sure, where do I sign?”

  3. But, but…,1801240

    Guess it doesn’t matter anymore

    Goddarn hippies’ goats ate my hedge and popped on my lawn

  4. oops meant poops…or maybe not

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