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  1. You’re not backstage with Benjy?! Bummer.

  2. I’d have been completely okay with the idea of you legitimately kidnapping me to take me there this show is ROCKIN and I’m going to suck Trey’s dick no ones stopping me

  3. Great first set! So much better than Santa Clara.

  4. They let the jam out!

  5. Would anybody like to help me marry the Grateful Dead

  6. Trey has reined in his Treyness quite a bit compared to last weekend.

  7. Trey is not on a fantastic voyage anymore.

  8. …in 60,000 that come for the show?
    What do I win?

  9. mason’s children…and they’re sounding a bit more like last week’s band

  10. Morning Douche

    July 3, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    Trey got kinda jobbed on that Fire.

  11. Fergodsakes Bruce, pick up that accordion and show these noodlers how to play SPACE.



  14. Moment of silence for whoever is stuck behind Walton during this WRS.


  16. I hope you had a great time. My dad and I sure did enjoy seeing them on the silver screen. My snapchat story is now extremely fuckin long lel


  17. If the Slipknot tells us anything, clearly Trey was never an Eagle Scout…

  18. Bitch u had floor seats


    I just realized this now

  19. Richard Parker

    July 4, 2015 at 3:08 am

    Watched it in the Theater. Thoughts in some order:

    1. Missed 1st set, no comment. Caught the three day ‘short break’? “Has someone died back stage? Maybe the rest of the show is on another night?”

    2. Mason bombed as 2nd set opener.

    3. Trey saved the salvageable parts of ‘Scarlet’. Band bailed on ‘Fire’; All except drummers abandoned stage as if all had a bad case on the trots. Whose call was that and why?

    4. It’s the s-a-m-e drums that they played on the first night in Santa Clara. Think the drummers were surprised to be on call so soon and just winged it back to last Saturday. Starting to want my $20 back.

    5. Massive fail on PITB. Checking my wallet to see if maybe I still have that same $20. No. What’s my story for the refund? “Mam, I did not know it was a Hippy Band. I thought it was going to be ‘Four Blood Moons’ with that nice Pastor. Mam, have you seen those people in that theater?” I look so abby normal these days it might work.

    6. Some time just after PITB the Band finally took off and soared to Ripple. “G*d D*mn GOGD, keep the twenty.” I’ll be back on Sunday; Family thinks I’m odd but they are tolerating. I’ll be without family if I’m a no show on Saturday for FTW 3 in a row.

    7. Phil’s singing mostly doesn’t bother me in Real Time, but I don’t want his vocals on the 2 CD “Best of” I have pre-ordered. Starting to worry. “Trey, where for art thou vocals?”

    8. Watching the band pix showed in theater at the break and live during the 2nd set. No Vince. I can understand that given how that ended, but I also don’t recall seeing a picture of either Keith or Donna. Do we have a Stalinist version of the Band’s History now in place with Keith and Donna down the memory hole? Band too cheap to pay for the use of their images? Would like to know the story on that.

  20. In FL for the weekend and as a fellow foot-ophobe, I don’t see how Mr Onthedead can live here.

    Feet, feet everywhere!

  21. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    July 4, 2015 at 12:36 pm Enjoy!

  22. Alert to Mr. TotD: Trixie will be at the Garcia family tent at 3pm today and tomorrow:

  23. When The Garcia Family Tent most assuredly catches on fire, the safest place to be will be in Walton’s Wigwam

  24. Nice to meet you Trey! Yes, I’m having a slice of humble pie. Looking for some terrapin, throwing stones. Would love blow away, but ain’t nobody got the chops Brent had for that tune IMHO. Now let’s get on with the show.

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