billy nola2
“Book! Book! Book!”

Okay, first of all: stop plugging on my damn site without asking. Second: how can I talk about your book when all I do is talk to you about how I’m not talking about your book?

“Did you not like it? Is that it?”

Dude, simmer down with the silly sauce: it’s 400 pages of you talking some rather subtle shit about the other Grateful Deads. Except for the times when you talk blunt and direct shit about other Grateful Deads.

“Great! It’s your new favorite thing! Tell everybody about the awesome thing I did, and to give me their money, or slightly more money in Canada. SUCK IT LEMIEUX.”

Seriously, Billy: it’s like you pointed this book at people.


Why is everything in your life a weapon?

“I don’t understand what you mean, man.”

Let’s turn to page 206, in which you accuse Mickey of weaseling his way back into the band.

“I’m sure that’s not what I said.”

Somehow, it seemed like Mickey had just weaseled his way back into the band, full-time.

“Page 206?”

Like, half-way down.

“Well, out of context, everything sounds shitty.”

The context is you accusing Mickey of things such as asking to come back to the band when you were too high to refuse.

“That’s good context!”

But the Mickey stuff is just table-setting for the meal, which is this sentence:

I remember Phil once told me off the cuff that we made a mistake by having Mickey come back in the band, and maybe he just said that in the heat of the moment.


Were you giggling as you pictured the arguments and hurt feelings that little piece of spiteful poetry would cause?

“I don’t know what you mean, man.”

Okay, pal.