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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Just What It Says On The Label


Never underestimate the power a good Rock Logo, although the Guns’ double-pistol shield does lose points for being impossible to draw on a three-ring binder. It’s also gloriously, stupidly, furiously on the nose.

“Dude, you should draw our logo.”

“Sure. What’s your band name?”

“Guns ‘n Roses.”

“Say no more.”

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  1. I also remember going to Panama City Beach,FL, after graduation in 1988. And up and down the miracle strip, it was Welcome to the Jungle, and Fight for your right to party. Guns had played the BJCC, in Bham, opened for a less than great Motley Crue. The word was a new band called GnR was WAY better than the Crue.

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