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Kickstart My Heart Of Gold Band

I find some weird shit on the innertubes, but Spencer has everyone beat: here’s Bobby, Mickey, Joan Baez, and Tommy Lee playing a semi-acoustic Not Fade Away for Earth Day.

Of note: Joan’s dancing (as bad as her singing), Mickey’s tasteful Dead shirt-wearin’, and the guitarist’s (Michael Kang?) ultra-hyper-beyond-cool five-string Ibanez. Tommy Lee does not take his penis out once, but we already know what it looks like.


  1. i think joan’s dancing is okay. what is mickey gesturing and pointing about?

  2. I wonder how many unassuming bass players Bob has dictated Not Fade Away too on the fly. It is definitely at least two, based on this and the Super Bowl VIP situation earlier this month.

  3. Also includes a special undercover appearance by Terrestrial Anomaly’s drummer playing a gourd

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