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Killer Dew, Brah

In an effort prove my usefulness and non-being-a-complete-weirdo-ness, TotD invites you to listen to a rare bird: an ’83 that is solid goodness: no post-drums Sleepy Bear, no slacking from Phil, the drummers play as though they’d been introduced to one another before the show: 4/26/83 at the Spectrum in Philly in a great remaster by Yoda himself, Charlie Miller.

A big Shakedown to open, followed by a Minglewood with one of Garcia’s finest solos from the period. And an Esau (You all know how much I love an Esau.) And a Help>Slip>Franklin’s that someone–I won’t say who–remembers all the words to, and then to celebrate, that unnamed person skips Space in favor of Solo, and just turns his guitar up really loud after the drum solo.

Brah? The Dew? The Dew, brah? Killer. Killer Dew, brah. Killer Dew.

Go listen. This one’s not good for ’83: it’s good.


  1. Why on earth would they go on to drop Esau and then play the EFF out of crap like Corrina? It boggles the mind…

  2. 6-20-83

    • That’s why I said a rare bird, not a unique one: that Merriweather Post Pavilion show is one for the ages, no question.

      • Sorry–wasn’t disagreeing with you the least bit. I love that Spectrum show (grew up in Delaware, so that was home court, ‘cept my first show was the following Spring at the Civic Center). The last line of your post made me think of another show that is good, without qualification. But you definitely described it better: unique is what it is.

      • And the vocal vote of approval by a female fan at 7:16-7:19 of Sugar Magnolia (louder on some of the AUDs than others on the Archive). SBD would be missing that, and open a 3 second hole in my soul every time I listened.

  3. really good show marred only by “maybe you know”…

    TMI brent

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