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Kimono, Como No?

Grateful Dead

Sometimes, Mrs. Donna Jean liked to put on a kimono and easy skank.

Sometimes, Bobby and Garcia would join her. Not the kimono thing, though not from lack of trying on Bobby’s part. Garcia had to tackle him right before he got on the stage one night: Bobby was in the full M. Butterfly costume, with the little lips and the giant hair and the wooden shoes; he could only take four or five steps at a time without toppling over, anyway.

“No, Bobby! This band won’t be a party to your cultural appropriation!” Garcia said. “Check your privilege!”

“I won’t! I won’t check my privilege,” Bobby spat.

“You check that privilege, Mister. And give me the slide.”



  1. bingosbrother

    May 18, 2014 at 11:05 am

    Easy Skank is such an awesome phrase. They would surely mess up the changes on that one too.

    • The town I grew up in had a Reggae bar called Skankland and an establishment called Skagg’s Beauty Shop.

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