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Kitty On A Bison


What are you doing?

“I killed this thing.”


“Did it with my clawwwwwws.”

You get into the catnip?

“Get your fucking piss cup out of my fucking face.”


“Think you’re better than me?”

Simmer down, cat.

“I’m like Wolverine, but not Australian: I’ll mess you up, monkey.”

You do not handle the nip well.

“You a narc?”


“Nip narc. You’re a fuckin’ nip narc, maaaaan!”

I regret starting this conversation.

“Prove you’re cool. Do some nip. In front of me. Do it, man!”

How? I’m a person. Catnip doesn’t work on us.


We’re done.

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  1. Cats everywhere, particularly here are so excited.

    They are torn between the donate button, and rubbing against the computer, or showing you their ass.


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