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Though present for much of the Dead’s ’74 run at Winterland, Ned Lagin’s image appeared in none of the film exposed those nights, nor on any tapes from the evenings.


  1. Not true. He was most definitely filmed but asked Jerry and Phil that his image be left out of the film and other than some very brief glances, they did as he asked. As for being on the tapes, he absolutely is. It’s not Keith playing the Fender Rhodes on The Movie Soundtrack, disc 3, “Jam” leading into “Dark Star”; it’s Ned. Keith wasn’t playing a Rhodes at the time as the Movie makes clear. For a listing of what exactly Ned played on during the October ’74 run see here:

    • Just making a vampire joke.

      • Ah… My apologies for not catching that 🙂 Maybe because I recently had a nice long chat with Ned in which we talked quite a bit about his participation in those shows. Love the blog anyway!


          • Where to start… Super interesting guy with lots to say about the Dead between 1970 and ’75. I’ve now had two few-hour long conversations with him for one of the chapters of my dissertation that will hopefully be finished next summer. I’m still working on the transcription of our conversations though. Anything specific you want to know?

          • This is awesome! There are many things I want to know. Let me organize my thoughts and do a big post out of it.

            Very serendipitous to hear from a fellow Ned lagin-lover, and especially one that mentioned Nedbase; I had just foudn it a few days ago and was astonished/amazed/gleeful to learn of its existence.

    • Just for the record, Keith did have a Fender Rhodes onstage at the October ’74 run, with what looks like a small synthesizer sitting on top of it. You can only see the Rhodes just a little bit in the movie itself, and the keyboard sitting on top of it is only visible in the bonus footage on the DVD.

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