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Lean And Mean

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1971 was the last time there were this few Grateful Deads. They were briefly placed on the Endangered List until someone realized the Endangered Species Act wouldn’t be passed until ’72, and by then there were either one or two more Grateful Deads depending on what month you’re talking about.

Also: Billy’s deaf, too, now? Right? You’re not allowed to be a young man that close to giant amplifiers without being an old man who leaves the closed captioning on his TV at all times.

Also also: Billy’s monitor may or may not be propped up with a hardcover book. Good job, Precarious. That’s some fine stuff-proppin’.


  1. I don’t mean to alarm anyone but Garcia has lost part of his face

    perhaps that’s why they finally put Parish on salary?

  2. Jenkins and Precarious Lee in conservative post. Just like a Swiss Watch.

  3. There was at least one other night when there were only five Grateful Deads, also in 1971:'s_Picks_Volume_3

    For my money, five is a just exactly perfect number of Grateful Deads, and I wish they’d stuck with it.

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