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Lean Back

jerry john kahn bonnie raitt
John Kahn, you’re doing everything wrong.

“I’m feeling it.”

Feelings are on the inside. You’re bass playering.

“Trying to impress Bonnie.”

Bonnie Raitt is not impressed by bass players.



  1. “Bonnie Raitt is not impressed by bass players.”

    You haven’t heard her talking about Freebo!

    Ultrasonic Studios ’72 with Lowell George & John Hammond, she is digging on Freebo some between tunes

    Very cool show. Bonnie’s voice was real different back then and there are some beautiful performances here. Under the Falling Sky, Love Has No Pride, Can’t Find My Way Home and Lowell’s great super early take on A Apolitical Blues in particular.

  2. John Kahn was merely unleashing his inner Freebo. Trouble is, John Kahn don’t play tuba.


    July 16, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Kahn: “…you Garcia, check it out, I just traveled through a quantum time tube to 2014 and saw, get this, Weir of all people, doin’ this type of junky lean on stage…he got it together about a year later an made trillions for anyone still left in the Dead, ah……’family'”
    Garcia: “….hologram of me used?…”
    Kahn: “…nah, just some ridiculous rainbow or something, along with that dude from Trish….”
    Garcia: “….great…..Bonnie, those boots are the WORST…”

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