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Lego ‘Land

lego winterland

The lack of a nose isn’t funny until you put the beard on, and then it’s hilarious. Look at Lego Garcia. Look at him.

The future is turning out underwhelming, half-baked, but it allows a guy from Japan to listen to a band from San Francisco, build a diorama of them with toys from Denmark, and post it on a social media site that is also from San Francisco. So, there’s that.


lego garcia mickey



  1. Once again I apologize…. One of those weekends.

  2. Drink all day rock all night

    May 22, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Brunette Lego Donna smokin’ hot. Also Mickey so happy to be back with the boys. Billy pretending Mick is not
    You can find Lego 10/19/74 on LegoArchive. Or on the LegoDead Movie.

  3. Winterland 74 – Garcia should be on the other side of the stage. Sorry. Either we’re going to be obsessive or we’re not.

  4. Also I’m going to be requiring a Lego WOS. Then I will gladly purchase this collectors edition Lego set (at any price). Once I get it home I can put Lego Garcia on the right side of the stage.

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