Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Let Pigpen Do A Number

Hey, Pig. Whatcha doing?

“Lettin’ the blues out!”

Lovely way to put it.

“An’ true! Ain’t no one sings the blues, plays the blues. Not no one who’s any damn good! They jes’ open up an’ let them blues out. But jes’ a little! Can’t let all your blues out at once. Y’might scare the payin’ customers that way!”

It would be too much to deal with.

“Backs would break! Spirits would suffer! Can’t be dealin’ with all them blues at the same time. Even the ol’ Pig can’t handle all them blues at once.”


“Hey, College Boy. Lemme ask you somethin’.”

Anything, Pig.

“What on earth is an Uma Thurman?”

She’s an actress.

“That lady is a long drink o’ water. Now you tell the ol’ Pig: who would go makin’ that fox so angry?”

85-90% of every man she’s ever met.

“They know she got a sword?”

That was a movie, Pig. Which came out 30 years after you died, so you need to stop using the Time Sheath to watch Netflix.

“All the ol’ Pig gotta do is sip his whiskey and let his blues out! Don’t you be puttin’ handcuffs on my teevee watchin’!”

Just keep it to yourself.

“Sounds like Uma wants everyone t’ keep it t’ themselves, too!”

It does sound like that.

“Women’d do a whole lot better if the world had less pigs and more Pigs!



  1. Wow, there are very, very few pictures of Blue Ron playing guitar. I’ve never seen this one. Any info on the date/venue? I can only guess that it’s 1970 and he’s getting ready to sing Katie Mae.

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