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Let Us Now Praise Famous Phils

phil green shirt beard color

The contest from my previous post is ending presently! Get your votes in while TotD reminds you that Phil had more than one moment of awesome awesomeness, shows where he brought his sexy and enough for the rest of the class, haircuts that didn’t look he chose his barber based on price.


  1. In this photo he is using his favorite pick, “the stump” which was the genuine dried stump of Jerry’s right middle finger, which I gave to Phil in ’73. Phil lost it in a Dutch hooker in ’81 at which point he switched to an Adamas graphite pick.

    But his tone was never the same.

  2. This is, indeed, the Viking Phil, son of Odin, brother of Thor. He is prepared to take you on a massive journey into the “Other One” or play you out of “Eyes of the World” and right into “King Solomon’s Marbles” should he choose to do so. This is his trip and you are on it, no worries, because it’s bound to be great. Sit back and enjoy the ride, ’cause this is one great big reason you love this band!

  3. That’s a wig. Which implies that the actual haircut must have been even worse.

    kidding, kidding! those guys were my fashion gurus, for so long!

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