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Let’s Hear From The Pundits

“My God, he’s the most presidential president that ever presidented.” – Fareed Zakaria, after Trump blows up a school.

“I salute you, you sexy genius.” – Matt Lauer, after Trump gets through a speech someone else wrote for him.

“Why aren’t we making room on Mount Rushmore?” – Van Jones, after Trump kills a hundred people in retaliation for someone killing 50.

“Christ, I want that man’s cock in my mouth.” – Chris Cilliza, after Trump sees a picture of a dead child and immediately pushes the “Kill Shit” button without asking anyone if he should.

“The only thing more beautiful than missiles slamming into unarmed foreigners is our president. I want his cock in my mouth, too.” – Brian Williams, after Trump maybe starts WWIII on a whim.

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  1. Brian Williams using a Leonard Cohen song to glorify a telegraphed cruise missile strike on Syria says it all. I guess no one is talking about Russian hacking of the election anymore.

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