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Library Of Bobbel

It was a tragedy when Billy fed David Lemieux to those sea lions. (“As God is my witness, I thought he was Benjy,” Billy said later, and everyone accepted his excuse.) It was farce when he was replaced as archivist by Borges.

Overnight, The Vault expanded infinitely inward: each room was the shape of a Stealie, and was connected to three other similar rooms. They could not be called infinite, but only because the rules of infinity said so: for all intents and purposes, the Vault was now infinite.

The curved walls held ten rows of storage racks; there were forty shows on each row; each show was exactly one piece of information different than–

Are there another three paragraphs of this?


And it leads to a joke about how even with an infinite variety of Dead shows, there still weren’t any good Vince shows?

You suck.


  1. ^^^ha ha we used to order those when we were kids and then cancel after we got our $1 worth of music

  2. There were no good Vince shows.

  3. I thought you had to have the initials DL to get the archivist job. Does Borges start with an L? Even if you count the Luis he doesn’t qualify.

  4. yeah but seriously everyone should read Borges

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