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Like A Bob On A Wire

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“Y’know, I’m not in Canada anymore.”

The actual you.


I have no authority over the actual Bobby.

“Me, on the other hand…”

Right. And I have some more pictures, so get used to gentle socialism and paying more for books.

“I’ve always admired Canadians for that, the book thing. Go to buy yourself something to read and get smacked in the face with a tiered payment system. That’s tough, man.”

Plucky folks.

“Yeah. You think putting that kind of label on something in America would go over well?”

Where there’s two prices, and we had to pay the higher one?

“Yeah, that.”

There would be riots.

“There ya go.”

Lots of screaming about the Constitution.

“More than usual.”



It kinda looks like the randos have cornered you.

“I’m penned in here pretty good.”

The forks can be used as weapons.

“Oh, hey, yeah. Good call.”


  1. Canadian Brownies?

    • In all fairness to the random, they may have mistaken him for Canadian literary icon Robertson Davies.

  2. strange snack tray indeed. Spring water, Wine glass, Brownies.. lots of brownies, and a plastic tub of egg yolks, or custard, and some chip dip.

  3. +, is that some sort of blue cheese that only rock stars can get ahold of? It looks like alien spumoni, from the moon.

    Artful placement of the price tag, or whatever the hell that thing is, by the boot. Nothing photoshopped about it.

    That said, the acoustics look good.

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