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Like The Rolling Stones


This year’s James Beard Award has been awarded to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for their contributions to the culinary world.

Also: I know where Bob got his shirt: a store. Where Mick and Keith found whatever you would call their garments is beyond me.


  1. I think we/you need to sort this out. You cleared up pants trousers kakis and jeans, you can do this.

    Is songwriting ⊆ literature?

    Is Culinary arts ⊆ theatrical arts ?

    Are the Rolling stones a member of the set of Theatrical Arts?

    Is blogging literature, is literature blogging?

    Light one up, and put your oversized noggin to work here.

  2. This picture is giving me the drips…and the need to talk someone’s ear off about something I’m sure is very interesting.

  3. If you are Mick Jagger you are automatically interesting. You only need the satin duds to make sure everyone can tell you’re Mick Jagger.

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