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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Links To The Dead (Precisely, Not Really, Sorta)

10/9/77 from McNichol’s Sports Arena in Denver. The mix is a little scraggly, but the Sugaree makes up for it.

Jesse Jarnow’s article about Blood on the Tracks. No Sugaree whatsoever.

Garcia’s first studio recordings. Also no Sugaree.


  1. Buddy Cage played on Blood On The Tracks, so there is still an implied Sugaree connection

    According to Cage, Mick Jagger played drums on an outtake. He said that Mick was like. A guy you knew in High School

  2. I haven’t wanted to listen to music since Tuesday. While reading Jarnow’s article I decided to put on Blood on the Tracks. It sounds so good and it suits my mood.

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