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Little Big Horns

Listening to 9/26/73 at the War Memorial in Buffalo, NY at Fillmore South tonight and luxuriating in the mostly-on-key stylings of one of my beloved, polarizing, belovedly polarizing horn shows.

The horns in the horn show don’t show up until Eyes, after the Boys have already ripped through a HoF China>Rider and a shit-hot second set with Bobby taking the wheel from Playing through Truckin’.

but from there, it’s pure horny goodness. Lemme get my valve oil, baby. Spit valve? Swallow valve.


Yeah. You ever see most horn players? They take the keyboardist’s leftovers.


  1. “And when they walked off stage, the drummer swept that girl away / But Rosie, you’re all right / You wear my ring / When you hold me tight / Rosie, that’s my thing”
    Jackson browne

  2. ok, wtf does HoF stand for? Hall of Fame? Im just drawing a blank here…

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