Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Live, And In The Flesh

Hey, you wanna see Ned Lagin naked?

Fuck, no, I don’t wanna–

nude lagin


You can almost see his stones.

Why are his nipples so close together?

Because it’s art.

Oh. Can we never do this again?

What? He classes up the place. I want to throw a fancy party and hire him to recline on the dance floor in his altogether.

Didn’t you kill off Precarious Lee  last night?

Yes. But he’s alive as he ever was.


It turns out he didn’t die when he tumbled from the waterfall.

What about Moriarty?

There aren’t any bad guys around here, are they?

There’s an idea. You quit or not?

The blog?


Nah. I can’t. Oteil has a new haircut and Roy Head booked a European tour.

With great bullshit comes great responsibility.

We’re coming up on a change of course.

The wind’s at our back and we can go anywhere the water allows.

Yeah. Plus, the Enthusiasts are quite lovely.

They truly are.

I feel as though I owe them something.

Please don’t–

ned lagin nude chairs


Crazy train’s back on track.

And damn the torpedoes.

Trains don’t–

Shut the fuck up.


  1. Well, there is nowhere to go now but down. Everything was leading up to this.

  2. Very glad you shared this with the community.

    Can we all agree though — Ned Lagin looks fucking amazing for 68 years old.

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