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Live From New York, It’s Alabama

Bobby in bunny ears, Garcia killing it, and I finally figured out how to embed videos from somewhere other than YouTube. Good post, gang.

ALSO, Alabama Getaway isn’t much revered, but it’s one of my favorite of Hunter’s lyrics even though it makes no actual sense.

Twenty third psalm Majordomo
Reserve me a table for three
Down in the valley of the shadow
Just you, Alabama and me

The 23rd Psalm is the one about the Lord being your shepherd and all that; majordomo is something like a head butler. (Majordomo is one of several words the Romans had for specialized slaves that remains in the language. Nomenclature comes from the nomenclator, whose job it was to remember people his master had met. The Romans were monsters in so many ways.)

But, yeah: no clue at all what Hunter’s on about. He had already written songs about Tennessee and Mississippi, so maybe he figured Alabama was due.

Anyone got a theory?


  1. I think Alabama Getaway is great.

    I think the lead of a lot of the verses is Just Hunter using neat sounding word combinations.

    Thirty two teeth in a jawbone
    Majordomo Billy Bojangles
    Twenty third psalm Majordomo

    Skeet, ba diddle, boo bam bop, it is like scat singing. Just great words, he probably had put together at one time or another and spliced them into a song. Just like Ripple was a collection of Haiku’s and Crazy Fingers is a collection of words that evoke neat images, I think Alabama Getaway is a song built around a collection of 3 or 4 great strings of words that are rhythmically interesting.

  2. I like the theory that it’s about kicking Keith and Donna (Alabama) out of the band.
    Before I have to hit him I hope he has the sense to run–maybe they’ll quit before we have to fire them.
    Wears a big diamond ring–Donna wears a big diamond ring
    Rope enough to hang himself,
    No need to worry the jury–they used to have kangaroo courts but the Godchauxs supposedly quit on their own or at least mutually.
    You Alabama and me–Keith, Donna, GD

    Who knows if this is really what Hunter had in mind but it’s an interesting idea to me. And I love the Godchaux years.

  3. I was up all night trying to figure out Bob’s shirt

  4. has it nailed…Dude, last night I was balls deep in this girl and decided to do an Alabama Getaway. I almost tripped over her rug as I yelled, “I’m your cousin”, but caught myself and made it out of the house before she could even clean herself off. Getaway

  5. Luther Von Baconson

    April 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    maybe Bobby’s got a Vintage Bunny Ears collection. Liberated from the Playboy Club.

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