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Live (On Tape) Dead

Dead & Company are on the Kimmel show tonight, if you’re interested. Not only are they promoting their upcoming tour, but also the movie project they are working on, in which the band splits into two teams and punches one another. (Josh Meyers has been wearing his Iron Man outfit for weeks and won’t take it off, no matter how many fridge magnets Billy sticks to his back.)

Is this a Periscope of the dress rehearsal? I dunno, maybe.

Is this a photo from the other day of the band rehearsing?


It is. We can learn two things: Mickey has negotiated the return of his bass drum; and the services of Red Metal Stool are apparently no longer required, which is good news.

Also: who wrangles the kleenex? Does the guitar tech do that, or is there a special roadie just for tissues? Is there a head cold going around the Dead & Company communal living space? (Oteil and Jeff Chimenti have to share a room.)


  1. Are you suggesting “BILLY vs MICKEY: CIVIL WAR!”

    Just askin’. Who will be on what team?

  2. Roadies

  3. Robin Russell

    May 10, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    I hear Bob intends evangelising cannabis legalisation on Kimmel.

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