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Or you could watch Phil and his Friends.



  2. Its 2015 and my Dark Star is being interrupted by Tony The Fuckin Tiger Popup ads every fuckin 5 minutes.

  3. Same stream is now playing Bobby with Tedeschi Trucks from earlier today.

  4. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    September 13, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    phil’s got this on back of his Jeans Jacket. a buddy painted it on.

    thanks for the link!

  5. No Terrapin eh?

  6. Greetings from LockN..

    I walked out on Phil and Friends with Carlos to go See Mickey, Kimock and Android Jones get weird in the forest.

    I am telling myself that with the guitar wankathon between Woody and Carlos that they never made it to a song and got lost in Jamlandia, please tell me that is true. I would hate to have missed out, but also I am not a fan of Carlos, although perhaps I should be or so I hear.

    I think Phil was encouraged to play harder after Billy’s bassist played Bass both like a Bass player, and like a jam monster.

    Not that I should be advising young ladies about what old rock stars are hot nowadays, but I am going to anyhow. If anyone came here to lie about their age and sleep with someone, I would suggest inviting Robert in for a threesome, he has an accent, he is crazy, he has all that hair. Plus with these stars so old you want more than one.

    Billy and the friggin kids are friggin massive with the jams. Billy and the bass player have a deep connection, imagine how long Billy has been wanting a friend as a bass player and now he has this twisted little youngster who just nails it. The youngster looks at Billy while he plays, and Billy looks at him, in the rhythm section world of non verbal communication, that is LOVE.

    It was so painful to see Phil sound checking and setting up just 50 yards away, while Billy, Bobby and Mickey kicked ass on the other stage.

    Gawd.. the Lockn Paper said that while MoonAlice played Stella a butterfly joined them on stage.. WTF we need to stop tying natural events to the dead Deads, what sort of events do we blame on the Spirit of Pig Pen, or Brent?

    • They did go jam heavy and sputtered in and out of sounding good. A for effort though.

      Would like to hear what someone thought between the two nights where 1st was double the songs vs 2nd night jamtastic?

      • I thought Phil and Friends with Chris Robinson was tremendous.

        I liked his voice, I liked his distinctive timing for delivering lyrics, I liked Gimme Shelter.

        Skipped day 2 so I can not cross compare.

  7. Watched the stream of the Billy/Bobby band as well as the Phil/Warren/Carlos plus Molo Barraco thing. Billy/Bobby was decent, with a fine guitarist in a funky hat. But the bass and the vocals (including Bobby) kinda sucked. So although I don’t really care for Warren I preferred the P&F unit. Carlos didn’t add much but I enjoyed seeing him included.

  8. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    September 13, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    So I watched what I think was a live feed last night. Do we have time for a little backstory?


    I drove from DC to Charlotte NC on Friday for a funeral.

    We passed several exits that would have lead to the festival. We didn’t have tickets or plans, and yet it sort of was calling to me.

    Drove back last night. Listening to satellite GD channel the whole way. Heard “Greatest Story” at least 4 times. Festival still calling to me.

    So got back to DC with a bottle of scotch, tired but logged in and started watching the feed. Nice and professional! To cut to the chase I stayed up watching it until 4 in the morning, most of the time wondering if it was live or pre-recorded….

    Totally agree with tor, Billy + kids killing it again. Bobby was front and center trying to keep up and doing largely OK. He sings off-key but gets the words right and delivers nice traditional attitude. Age is a factor here but Billy does no wrong, he looks like he’s in his 20’s. The “fake Jerry”, who is that, one of the “kids”, keeps things together while being annoying as fuck… is that an accomplishment or an insult? Hard to say. Didn’t notice the bassist in this band. Keyboardist, almost as annoying as fake Jerry but knew when to dial it back or throw in a new item.

    They show a few audience shots and holy crap it is ugly and white. People look like they’re having a good time though considering it’s way past midnight. Closeups on the few good-looking women, thanks for that. (not)

    At some point it cuts over to Phil who is doing hardly anything. And that was sleepytime for me.

  9. Happy Rollshashonya. …….i may have got that wrong?

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