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This is Saturday's lineup at
I’ll see you there, right? Highlight of my year: pooping in a Virginia field in September. Sleeping in a tent next to humping strangers, eating while I stand up, Warren Haynes: man, this is gonna be great.

TotD is not particularly fancy. I slept on a couch last month, but it should be noted that it was a leather couch in an AirBnB in a rapidly genritfying neighborhood. My living situation is allowed to be scruffy, but it must be permanent; I will not sleep under a nylon roof. Camping is just not for me.

Jews and camps…

Anyway, if you’re there or going or streaming it or whatever: have a blast, but I will be making love to my air conditioner. I do have some random thoughts, though:

  • Fishbone’s still around? Didn’t half of them get thrown in jail for kidnapping the other half?
  • Will Robert Plant be not playing Zep songs at the crowd again? Those fuckers at the Grammys rewarded him one time for not playing Zep songs and now all he does is not play Zep songs. Fuck that guy: play Zep songs.
  • Did anyone ever answer Robert Plant about the remembering laughter thing?
  • No Umphries? What the fuck, man.
  • Once again: fucked by Peter Shapiro.
  • I think Peter Shapiro’s in love with me the amount he fucks me.
  • I mean, the String Cheese Incident is gonna be there, so that’s awesome.
  • But, no Umphries.
  • Was Billy’s departure and Phil’s arrival worked out between the two camps as to not have them in the same place at the same time?
  • Just asking questions, man.
  • But, if so: you know Billy put Benjy on the phone to handle it just to be a dick.
  • Can you see Jill and Peter Shapiro pushing the phone back and forth at one another?
  • “You do it.”
  • “This is what you get paid for.”
  • “I don’t get paid enough for this.”
  • And so on.
  • Again: just asking questions.
  • Man.
  • Steve Earle is the musical version of The Wire.
  • Decipher that how you will.
  • WAIT: Billy is playing with Jefferson Airplane on Friday right after Phil!
  • Fun.
  • Also: Jefferson Airplane sucked. In every incarnation and in every way, and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary in a pasture in Virginia instead of a football stadium.
  • They’re not even headlining.
  • (Although, this group of musician is so far way from being the actual Jefferson Airplane that it includes G.E. Smith, who is still performing despite having the worst case of Les Palsy known to man.)
  • Hey! You got your String Cheese in my Doobie!
  • Hey! You got your Doobie in my String Cheese!
  • Well, you should probably just throw the results out, as it will surely be terrible.
  • Is Michael McDonald even going to be there, or just the guy who looked like he was the lead on WKRP?
  • The Oh Hellos, you go to your room and don’t come out until you’ve thought up a good band name.
  • You, too, Slightly Stoopid.
  • In fact, Slightly Stoopid: go fuck yourself with your deliberately shit band name.
  • Put some effort into life.
  • Mickey just announced that he would be playing with Bobby on Saturday night, and if Bobby doesn’t play Lost Sailor, I will lose all respect for him


  1. Plant usually plays a couple well chosen Zep tunes in his sets and pretty much slays them. He can’t hit the high notes and doesn’t try, but the rearrangements are good. He’s handling this Elder Statesman phase pretty well actually.

  2. Umphries won’t be there but Umphrey’s will.

  3. Didn’t Bobby stop playing Lost Sailor specifically because Mickey kept speeding up the time? When Bobby said “just like a swiss watch,” it was sarcasm.

    • Also the time–i think it was Lost Sailor–that Bobby has to walk back to the drums and yell at Mickey to start playing in the middle of the song.

      Also, the hat incident. And Billy’s book.

      Mickey’s hatred of Lost Sailor is pretty well-documented.

  4. Sir Luther Von Baconson

    July 31, 2015 at 3:02 pm

  5. Now you have crossed the line man. JEFFERSON BUILT THIS DAMN CITY……and what may I remind you did they build it on?

  6. Santana needs to sit in with The Doobie Bros. Seriously.

    Sless & Santana are gonna kill it.

    John K (fake Jerry w no apparent last name) is literally the last guy on the bottom of the poster.

    That Airplane lineup is beyond feckless. Where the hell is Marty and Kantner?


    • He’s headlined before in various Phil bands, in fact he plays with Phil as much or more than any guitarist. Listen to some furthur from say 2011 on or better yet find some Phil and JK shows at TXR where he is allowed to stretch out and you realize he hardly plays like Jerry at all yet is clearly the best Dead guitarist since the Fat Man. His vocals after the first couple of years in Furthur have become his own. Even if he didn’t play guitar his vocals make him again the best since JG.

  7. Saw Plant at Mountain Jam and every other song was a Zep tune.

    Gping to Jorma’s birthday gig in November. Hope it’s like Jack’s birthday gig earlier this year where Marty shied up and they did a whole bunch of Airplane tunes. (The good ones)

    • On the airplane it is interesting that Jerry basically rewrote there whole first album including White Rabbit and Somebody to Love after which they had a great album but that happens when you have JG doing the heavy lifting, jerry allowed himself to go full on pop/hit record mode in a way he would never would with his band. I think this is one reason that the Dead were put up with in the sixties as much as they were in the record industry, they knew Jerry could do great things and hoped at some point he would write a hit pop song for the Dead. Just another example of the singularity of his talent, I’m confident he could have wrote first class songs in basically any genre.

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