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Long Playing

FoTotD Jay Gerland, whose irreplaceable The Dead Blog is probably in your bookmarks already, posted this on Twitter and I thought it was peachy keen and wanted to share it.


  1. Grateful Dead – Self Titled
    Anthem of the Sun
    Live Dead
    Workingman’s Dead
    Wake of the Flood
    Wake of the Flood
    Historic Dead (Sorta bootleg)
    Keep Your Sunnyside Up (Bootleg
    Grateful Dead Recorded Live In Concert (Bootleg
    Europe ’72
    Blues for Allah
    Terrapin Station
    Shakedown Street
    Dead Set
    Heaven Help The Fool
    Garcia (RDS Reissue)

  2. Does the .gif pause on the Garcia ’72 album for a second longer? Or is that me?

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