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Loose Change Lucy

I’ve been reading up on Holocaust Denial, and it sounds appealing.

What now?

Oh, good. There you are. Needed to run something by you.

Is that why you said the terrible thing?

Partially to get your attention, yes, but I almost meant it.


Not that specific denial. I still think the Holocaust happened.

Please don’t phrase it like that. Just say “happened.” Don’t qualify it with the “I think.”

But you have to admit that denying things is huge now.


Moon landing.



Wow, yeah. Denial is so hot right now.

Right, and I think I’m going to deny something. I mean, nothing at that list because I’m not a fucking moron, but I still want to deny something.

Please don’t say the–

The Grateful Dead didn’t exist.

Dead didn’t…Goddammit. That makes no sense.

Making sense has nothing to do with this: I’m denying something.

Stop denying things.

I deny!

You can’t. There’s evidence. Mountains and mountains of evidence that the Dead existed. There’s film.

Moon landings had film.

Audio recordings.

Verified calls from Flight 93 were archived.

Most of the band is still alive.

Crisis actors.

If the Dead never existed, then who directed The Grateful Dead Movie?

Stanley Kubrick.

This is legitimately no dumber than any other form of denialism.

Right? We should make t-shirts.

“Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Mickey’s Beam.”



  1. Well, what about that Wall, ( of Sound), shhh. 🙂

  2. I would totally buy a “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Mickey’s Beam” t-shirt. This is how capitalism works isn’t it?

  3. The Dead did in fact exist, but Egypt 78 was totally faked.

    • Luther Von Baconson

      August 2, 2016 at 3:03 am

      yes, it took place at The Slabs. the Dead flew Egypt over on Air India (Scully pulled in a favour). they drug the Sphinx with a tow rope latched to an amphibious Peterbilt which Kidd drove. ask Texe and Freeman.

  4. The whole thing was part of a plot by Mountain Girl to distract Kesey.

    A bunch of straight laced normal authors felt threatened by Kesey’s talent shown in Cuckoo’s nest, and Great Notion. So they hired mountain Girl to distract him, and they had the CIA dose him at Stanford.

    Mission accomplished, Kesey’s best work was behind him by 65 and the straight uptight authors of the sixties would dominate the literary world till the mid 70’s.

    The Grateful Dead were just a side effect of operation Get Kesey Really High. Actually a lot of things where unintended consequences of that action.

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